April 30, 2014

Washington State HOAs Must Comply With New Law Regarding Meeting Minutes

Only one piece of state legislation directly affecting Washington state community associations became law in 2014.  This new law amends RCW 64.38, which is the state law that governs homeowners associations.  The new law adds the following language to RCW 64.38.035(1): 
"The association must make available to each owner of record for examination and copying minutes from the previous association meeting not more than sixty days after the meeting.  Minutes of the previous association meeting must be approved at the next association meeting in accordance with the association's governing documents."

The new law will take effect on June 12, 2014.  Washington state homeowners associations should make their meeting minutes available and approve them in accordance with the new law's requirements from that date forward.  

The new law does not relate to or bind Washington state condominium associations.