May 18, 2022

Washington State Approves Law Regarding Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

A new law in Washington state concerns electric vehicle charging stations. It prohibits community associations from adopting or enforcing provisions in their governing documents that effectively prohibit or unreasonably restrict the installation or use of an electric vehicle charging station in compliance with the new law's requirements for the personal noncommercial use of a unit owner within the boundaries of a unit or in a designated parking space. The new law also includes a number of other requirements and procedures pertaining to those stations.

The new law requires community associations to generally promote, encourage, and remove obstacles to the installation and use of electric vehicle charging stations. However, it also permits community associations to impose reasonable restrictions on those stations. For example, community associations may require a unit owner to submit an application for approval for the installation of an electric vehicle charging station in the same manner as an application for approval of an architectural modification.

The new law concerning electric vehicle charging stations will take effect on June 9. 2022. Washington state community associations should consider contacting an attorney regarding its contents and application.