October 27, 2017

Halloween: A Scary Time for Seattle-Area Condos and HOAs (and Their Attorneys)

Each year, some Seattle-area condos and HOAs are compelled to enforce their governing documents in response to Halloween-related activities.  One common type of enforcement action relates to installation of decorations that pose a fire hazard or otherwise violate the governing documents.  Another common type of enforcement action relates to the vandalism and other acts of malicious mischief that sometimes occur on Halloween.  Community associations can impose fines in response to these types of activities if properly adopted and distributed fine schedules are in place.  If fines are contested, then associations should consider obtaining legal guidance. 

My law office is available to help Seattle-area condos and HOAs understand and enforce their governing documents.

October 4, 2017

Homeowners Association Orders Owner to Remove Tank

Even the parking disputes are bigger in Texas.

Houston attorney Tony Buzbee recently purchased a fully-functional World War II tank for $600,000. The board of his homeowners association was not pleased when Mr. Buzbee proceeded to park that tank outside his home. "It's not violating any ordinance, but it makes them uncomfortable," he said. The board informed Mr. Buzbee that the tank impeded traffic, caused a safety issue, and concerned some of his neighbors.

Mr. Buzbee has indicated that intends to relocate the tank to his East Texas ranch in the near future.  However, he has also stated that the tank will remain where it is for the time being. "The association can ticket it or try to tow it, but the truth is that unless I decide to move it, it ain’t going anywhere."