October 18, 2009

Using Board Meeting Minutes to Communicate with Owners

Condominium and homeowners association boards should strive to communicate effectively and often with owners. One of the main causes of discontent in such associations is boards that do not tell the owners what they are doing. Distribution of board meeting minutes is an excellent way to keep owners informed.

Board meeting minutes should reflect the meeting date, the persons that attended the meeting, the status of the previous meeting’s minutes, the general nature of each topic discussed at the meeting, and actions taken by the board. It is not necessary to record the comments or views of individual board members. Meeting minutes should be signed by the person that recorded them.

Many owners want to know about the decisions the board is making on their behalf, and sending them a regular stream of information about board activities reduces the potential for unfounded accusations and conflict. Making board meeting minutes widely available can also help boards better understand the wishes of their communities.