October 6, 2010

King County Health Department Provides Bed Bug Guidance

Bed bugs are unfortunately a significant nuisance in some parts of the Seattle area this year. Condominium and homeowners associations should know how to keep bed bug infestations from spreading and how to eradicate these pests. The King County Department of Public Health’s website contains detailed information regarding those topics. Board members and affected residents should consult this useful resource if they must battle bed bugs.

One of the Department’s main messages is that it is usually necessary to hire a pest control company to get rid of bed bugs. It suggests a number of questions to help associations evaluate companies. Indoor pest control companies operating in King County are required to have proof of insurance and a current registration with the Department of Public Health. Boards can verify registrations here.

The Department also warns that over-the-counter pesticide foggers are not an effective way to kill bed bugs. In fact, those products can make the problem worse by causing the insects to scatter and move into walls and other places that are harder to reach. A combination of specially applied pesticides and non-chemical techniques is said to be the best way to eliminate this scourge.