November 22, 2010

How to Protect Your Condominium’s Pipes From Freezing Temperatures

It’s cold out there, and it looks like it's going to get colder over the next few days. Condominium and homeowners associations in the Seattle area thankfully do not have to deal with extremely cold weather very often, but they should be aware of five simple steps that can help prevent the inconvenience of frozen pipes.

1. Disconnect hoses.

2. Insulate exterior pipes and faucets.

3. Insulate pipes and faucets in attics, basements, garages, and crawl spaces.

4. Drain irrigation and sprinkler systems.

5. Caulk around incoming pipes.

Boards should also encourage owners to leave their taps running slightly on particularly cold nights. If pipes freeze despite these measures, damage can be minimized by promptly shutting off the water until a licensed plumber arrives. Stay warm!