April 18, 2012

Does Your Association Have an Emergency Response Plan?

Four years ago, a Kansas developer purchased a decommissioned nuclear missile silo complex and transformed it into a luxury condominium project.  With a two-million dollar price tag attached to each unit, these units are designed for people who make disaster preparedness their number-one priority.  Each unit features steel-reinforced concrete walls and comes stocked with a five-year supply of food. 

Community associations should design plans to provide a basic level of emergency readiness in case disaster strikes.  Boards should consider forming emergency response committees and appointing emergency response coordinators to implement those plans.  Coordinators should be provided with contact information for all current residents and the local emergency services.  

Seattle-area associations seeking support in the development of emergency response plans can attend one of the free classes offered twice monthly by the City of Seattle's Office of Emergency Management. The City's program is designed to teach communities disaster preparation techniques that are tailored to the needs of the Puget Sound area.  Information about the City's program can be found on its website or by calling (206) 233-5076.