January 31, 2014

Seattle Seahawks Demonstrate the Power of Teamwork

The Seattle Seahawks' magnificent run to the Super Bowl has been propelled by its dominant defense.  When I took my sons to a game at the Clink this year, we were dazzled by how well their defensive players worked together to cover the field.  If a receiver got past a player, then there was almost always another player right there to assist him.  The defense played as a single entity rather than a collection of individuals.  It was teamwork at the highest level.

Washington condominium and homeowners associations should remember that their success often depends on whether their boards, property managers, attorneys, and accountants function as effective teams.  This requires each member of the team to have certain skills, to understand their role, and to be given an opportunity to excel.  When effective association teams are in place, legal obligations will be fulfilled and the common good will be promoted.  When defective teams are in place, the situation can get ugly in a hurry.  Association boards should seek to cultivate a direct relationship with each member of their team in order to make optimal use of their expertise and in order to evaluate their effectiveness over time.

Go Hawks!